Google Chrome for iPhone / iPad is a new alternative to Safari.
The browser is very basic and quick to load pages.

This App can synchronize data session of Chrome installed in your desktop PC (Windows or Mac) with the version for iOS.
You have with you the same tabs open (with the preview for easy recognition), history, bookmarks, suggestions while typing of addresses and the ability to perform web searches using the toolbar called “Omnibox”.
Browsing with Chrome is simple and convenient.
Pages load really quickly (although much depends on the speed of your connection) and the scroll and zoom functions are fast and intuitive.
Google Chrome for iOS Devices also supports anonymous browsing, useful for those who want to maintain their own privacy.
There is also a Desktop Mode, that allows the mobile browser to view the pages as if you were on a PC.
In addition, you can easily share web content on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
Google Chrome for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch reproduces well all multimedia contents (HTML5), but does not support those made in Flash.
In short, Google Chrome is a great browser, just like the one for PC, and it offers a lot of functions and therefore is an excellent alternative to Safari.
If you want to try other browsers available, you can look in the Browsers section, present “Here” in the
One among many, the extraordinary Puffin Browser !

Key Features:

– HTML5 Support
– Bookmarks
– Typing Suggestions
– History
– Full Screen Mode
– Multiple Tabs Support
– Sharing contents of Chrome (PC to iOS and vice versa)

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App Price: Free!

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