GTA V is now a new reality and after the release of versions for consoles and PC, Rockstar has released an iPhone app dedicated to the new game, it is Grand Theft Auto: iFruit.

iFruit is related to the experience of Grand Theft Auto V thanks to some fun activities: stay updated on the latest Grand Theft Auto V, log in to the Rockstar Games Social Club, log in Lifeinvader and launches other apps of Rockstar Games.

– Los Santos Customs:

Los Santos Customs allows you to create your own vehicle when you want and where you want, at the bar, beach, bathroom etc. ..

You can even create personalized number plates and book for Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

You can also choose the paint, the color for your windows, wheels, hoods and ailerons.

Boost engine, brakes, muffler, suspension and applies accessories such as lights, horn, tires and armor.

Book everything at any time: you’ll find what you’ve chosen in your garage ready as soon as just you start playing Grand Theft Auto V.

You can also send an order while you are playing and the mechanic will phone you and tell you when your purchase will be ready.

– Chop the Dog:

Who does not want a virtual pet?

Chop is the Franklin’s friend in Grand Theft Auto V and it’s a dog.

Pet it, give it something to eat and drink, play with the ball and teach it a few tricks.

Be careful: the excess (or lack) of activity will make unhappy Chop and nobody likes a Rottweiler dissatisfied!

If you take care of Chop in the right way, his behavior in Grand Theft Auto V will change:

– It will be more responsive and useful for Franklin
– If properly trained, by using the app it will learn some trick, how to sit, stand up and give you the paw
– During the walks it will find the hidden objects nearby
– You will get credits and taking care of Chop and you can exchange them for new collars

In short, Grand Theft Auto: iFruit by Rockstar Games for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is a must-have if you have Grand Theft Auto V!

Download this App, it’s free!

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