Halftone 2 is the second chapter of Halftone, an App included in the Top 2011 Apps and classified as “App of the week”, with more than 2 million downloads.

Like Halftone 1, this new version also lets you quickly create comics and superheroes directly from your iPhone.

Halftone is much more than a simple application for photographic filters, Halftone makes easy to add several reproductions of paper, captions, balloons, vocal tones, graphics and fonts (including fonts used in the comics).

As you can guess from the screenshots below, thanks to its functions and its tools, Halftone 2 allows you to quickly and easily create some situations or stories, adding expressions and thoughts to the subjects represented.

In this way you can insert your pictures into some of the most classic comic exclamations, then share your creations with your friends by sending them via email, Twitter, Facebook, Filckr, etc.

Designed entirely for iDevice in order to take every possible advantage associated with the use of touch panels, Halftone 2 promises to let you interact with photos in the easiest and most natural way possible.

Thanks to the radial menu that you can see in the picture in the slideshow, you can then customize and explore without trouble all your items with a quick “tap”, in addition there is also the “undo” and “redo” function for a perfect use of this iPhone App.

Since the graphics engine in this Halftone 2 is based on mathematical vectors, all elements appear crisp and clear regardless of size, in addition, being handmade, captions and comics do not ever will be the same.

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App Price: $1.99

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