Among the free apps in the top 25 of the AppStore, you can find Hangman, an App for iPhone, iPad and iPod that incorporates all the features of the classic hangman game with the addition of new very special functions.

Hangman RSS allows you to guess a word contained in a news taken directly from RSS feeds downloaded from the internet.

This ensures a virtually endless gameplay, since it will not be possible to find the same news twice.

This game is seamlessly integrated with the iOS GameCenter, in fact you can compare your results with those of other players, view charts and play with them.

If you are in trouble, Hangman helps you with some important tips, of course, if the difficulty is set to “easy”, the tips will be different from those given for the difficulty “hard”.

The game, with the ability to set the level of difficulty, is really perfect for children and adults.

Depending on the difficulty then, will also change the number of words to guess, in fact if you increase it, the words to guess will be more than one!

Surely you all know how to play Hangman, but for children, here is a simple explanation.

There are one or more words to guess, of which there are only shown a few letters or any of them.

You have to guess them and for each of your mistakes, the poor hanged run the risk of dying!

Hangman for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is then a simple but fun game, recommended also because it is totally free!

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App Price:  Free!

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