Do you remember dear old Tamagotchi?
I’m talking about the little game where you had to take care of a puppy dog, cat or other animals?
With Hatchi now you can relive those moments many years later, in the era of Retina!
The functioning is very simple, you can just choose the animal you want to adopt, give it a name and take care of it.

The wellness / illness of your pet is visible from the bar that provides you with Hatchi and they are:
– Hunger
– Hygiene
– Smarts
– Active
– Energy
– Happy

To adopt a puppy is really challenging, so remember to feed it, get it to sleep and let it play, then you have to cure it when it gets sick!
Hatchi is therefore a perfect application for those who can not adopt the real animals but have the patience and the ability to do it.

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