Headquake is one of the best music apps for live musical experience truly unique.
The sounds of the music tracks are transformed into three-dimensional sound and you seem to be a real music concert.
To experience this we must put the headphones on and start the application and the sounds are processed.
Headquake is plug and play. The app will automatically sync your iTunes music so all you need to do is press play and enjoy!
Headquake is available with unlimited use free of charge for a limited time so be sure to download today and tell your friends! Your ears will love you for it!

The characteristics of this application are the following:

– Ambience Transitions: Widen your music to its full capacity. Let yourself be in control of your own music from one track to the next – you decide.
– Position Transitions: Gain even more December control by positioning the sounds in your music tracks. Love the voice of your favorite artist? Position Their voice to the front of the stage in the spotlight or place the voice in the back and let the cords take over – you decide!
– Player Integration: You’ll have access to an enhanced player That offers better visual player controls with fun sliding sound graphics to maximize your listening experience.
– Content Selection: Your playable content will be optimized with your synced playlists, songs, artists, and albums just as seen as in your iTunes.
– Seamless Integration: Headquake Directly works with your iTunes playlist. You just have to download and press play to enjoy!

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App Price: $0.99

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