Stop the calories! Healthy Food Finder is an App for iPhone and other iOS devices developed by Caloricious Inc., dedicated to the analysis of all types of food, so as to help you with your diet.
This software is really very well developed, because it has all kinds of options and at the same time gives the user a pleasant graphics well maintained.
For each element of any brand Healthy Food Finder is a site that offers easy reading of the descriptive label of the product, in order to interpret it in a minute, thanks to the use of colored dots style traffic lights, so  stay away from foods marked with the red color, take the yellow ones only rarely, and focus on the green ones.
For each food Healthy Food Finder indicates to you the calories and a score (from 1 to 5 stars) based on reviews made ​​by users who used this App.
The software has a research section, from which you can locate the most interesting products depending on what you need, for example if you type “fruit juices” Healthy Food Finder will show you all the products of all brands, each describing them in detail.

In the description of the food you can read:
– Protein
– Fats
– Carbohydrates
– Fibre
– Sale
– Vitamins A-B-C-D-E-K etc.
– Allergens

and many other components.

For lazy users Healty Food Finder provides a synthetic review indicating the positive and negative attributes of each food, indicating with “What’s Good” and “What’s Bad“.
As you can see, whatever your diet is right for you, this amazing App gives you the best guide to respect it in the best way.
In a difficult time like this, in which the obesity and the diseases caused by abuse of food are increasing, a little “encyclopedia of food” as Healthy Food Finder is always helpful.

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App Price: $ 1.99

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