HeyTell is a voice chat App for iPhone thanks to which you can transform your phone into a walkie talkie.
You can record and send voice messages for free to all your friends.
Beautiful, useful and fun!
How beautiful is the world since there is WhatsApp on your iPhone?

Now with HeyTell the challenge goes further: you can send voice messages for free to all your friends, which of course must have the App installed on your iDevice.

At first launch HeyTell asks you to enter your telephone number to enter in the user database and allows you to contact your friends who will be imported automatically in your list of contacts.

Alternatively, you can manually select people from your address book and invite them to download HeyTell.

Send a message via HeyTell is very easy: just press the record button and choose the friend you want to contact.
You can also easily see on a map where are your friends thanks to the built-in geolocation in this great App.

The application allows you to set the privacy level as desired by selecting one of:
– Low
– Medium
– High

From this level of privacy depends on your integration with social networks more famous, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

HeyTell is really very customizable, in fact in the “Extras” that you can find in the lower right corner, includes the following options:
– Favorites
– Voice Changer
– Ringtones
– Group
– Emoji

As you can imagine, these options set bookmarks, ringtones (25), groups for conversation and lots of emoticons!
HeyTell has a good interface, but its operation is not the most intuitive.
The sound quality is really good and works well with Wi-Fi or the 3G.
HeyTell is an app so that you will definitely save a lot of money and it costs nothing to install on your iDevice, try it!

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App Price: $1.99

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