Highway Rider is a fantastic and exciting game for iPhone iPod and iPad that will blow your mind!
Highway Rider is a motorcycle arcade in which you have to pass cars and trucks passing them as close as possible.
The scenario is the classic American urban highway.
And among the white skyscrapers, blue sky and the cars that are complying with the road rules and common sense, there you are, a motorcyclist completely crazy.
Through simple commands Highway Rider (using the accelerometer to turn instead to use the turbo just tap the right side of the screen) you have to go as fast as you can and pass other vehicles whizzing very close to them.

Over the maneuver is loony, Highway Rider more rewards you.
If your crazy ride goes on without incident, your bike will go faster.

Highway Rider offers two modes of play:

– Arcade

– Fugitive

In this latest is added to the game checkpoints full of cops really angry with you!
At the beginning of every game, Highway Rider you can choose the color of your super bike and the decoration of your jacket, like a real street thug.
To play just use the tilt control and move your iDevice left and right on the screen at the bottom right you can find the button to go even faster.
Pay attention to cars and arrows that you will understand on which lane they are moving, whenever there is a stretch of open road accelerate to get a higher score.
Each time you crash after a choreographic flight where your body parts will be destroyed, you end up in a pool of blood on the asphalt then you can read a list of the bones that you have broken and the hospital bill!
Highway Rider had and still has a great success due to its ability to entertain the user, which is involved in the action even if the graphics are not particularly elaborate as some famous racing games.


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