Lunch literally files and contacts from one iPhone to another iDevice.

Sending data between iPhones, with the advent of Bluetooth, has become a very widespread practice.
Multimedia content, contacts, and more can be shared wirelessly with your friends without too many complications.
But if you want a more simple and fast method, without previous configurations of the mobile through the use of a common passkey?

Bluetooth? E-mail? Nah, prehistoric things now.

To exchange any file between iPhones now just launch them.
Yes, that’s right, with Hoccer to transfer a file (images, photos, contacts, URLs, music, and more), simply move your arm as if to launch it to your destination.
Hoccer allows you to share with people who have the same software at distances of up to 100 meters, audio files, images, bookmarks, contacts and texts.

It is sufficient to simulate the action to send and the reception simulate to download the file.
Everything is explained very clearly in the initial training phase.
Hoccer therefore represents a more simple alternative to use of the Bluetooth connection and thanks to the use of a dedicated server to upload and download files is also very fast all the data exchange.

Hoccer can be used also between iPhones and Android devices and can also be used between phones and computers through a web-client accessible from the manufacturer’s website.

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