How To Make Origami is an app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Start from the simple, like the boat to arrive at the terrible spider, suitable only for experts.
There are more than 70 Origami to achieve with this app, and they’re all free!
As in How to Make Paper Airplane For each type of creation, at the side of the stars are indicated (1 to 3) to indicate the difficulty of origami.
is really an art to obtain amazing results with only a sheet of paper, also is a very relaxing activity.
Some examples of Origami available are:
– House
– Fox
– Heart
– Flower
– Duck
– Crane
– Dinosaur
– Rose
– Lily
– Jumping frog
– Pigeon
– Rabbit
– Bird
– Frog
etc. …

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App Price: Free!             

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