Winter has arrived and with it the cold, which is often an enemy to our iPhone.

Why? The explanation is simple: the new touchscreens do not support the touch if you’re wearing gloves, so the alternatives are only 2, take off your gloves or buy one of the new gloves, designed specifically for touch devices.

You do not need a lot of skill to create a functional pair of gloves, so you can modify your gloves in minutes and save money by following the procedure explained below.


Here’s what you need:
– Needle
– Conductive thread

iPhone Touchscreen Gloves

The procedure is very simple, in fact you just have to sew the thread so as to cover more surface area as possible.
In this way, your touch will be more accurate and it will always work.

iPhone Touchscreen Gloves

The most important thing is to make sure that the sewn thread is in contact at the same time with your finger and the touch screen, so the electrostatic signal will be transmitted correctly.

You can draw a simple square, a flower, a sun or a smile.

iPhone Touchscreen Gloves


Here’s what you need:
– Tinfoil
– Scissors
In this case, you simply cut a small square on the tip of your glove, in the portion for your finger.

At this point, just put the aluminum foil inside the space reserved for your finger in the glove and you can use the glove and touch your iPhone or any other iDevice.

The appearance of the glove will not be changed much, then it depends on the size of the square that you have cut out, of course, your touch will be more accurate if the square will be large.

iPhone Touchscreen Gloves


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