How2Draw Manga is the application dedicated to learning the techniques of drawing characters in manga style.
The application is very easy to use and the instructions are shown step by step.
You have the ability to draw male or female and the design options are as follows:
– Body: tutorial dedicated to the teaching of the design of the entire body of the character;
– 3/4: the face of character is turned to the side partially
– Profile: the face is completely turned and thus sketching the profile
– Front: it is used to learn how to draw the front face

The application also allows you to compare the photo of your design with that of the tutorial to evaluate the work done.

The application has received the following merits:
1 º – Belgium, Education
1 º – Portugal, Education
2 º – No Brasil, Education
2 º – USA, Education
2 º – Na Argentina, Education
2 º – Canada, Education
2 º – Finland, Education
2 º – Netherlands, Education
2 º – Poland, Education

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