Ice Age: Village is the official game dedicated to the movie Ice Age for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

You have to build a village to host Scrat and his friends.

Ice Age Village offers many challenges, the game is very fast, fun and full of surprises and this App is also characterized by superb graphics.

Everyone knows the story of this amazing movie: Scrat has found a precious acorn on the inhospitable ice and tried to bury it.

Clumsy as it is, with a giant domino effect, it has unleashed a planetary disaster and all the animals run away.

In Ice Age: The Village, Sid, Diego, Manny and company have to recreate a village where to start a new life.

At the beginning there is practically nothing.

Building the first buildings, all strictly eco-friendly, so you begin to save money to buy new construction material.

Ice Age: The Village for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch is also a game that requires quick reactions.

During the game you will have to collect coins, fruit and bonuses of various kinds and complete missions in a limited time.

With acorns, very precious, you can buy special items.

In addition to the main game you will need to win in mini-games where the protagonist is Scrat.

There is also a cinema section in which enjoy short films.

Gameloft updates often Ice Age: The Village with new characters, new buildings, challenges and mini-games so fun is guaranteed for a long time.

The social feature that makes this App similar to Farmville, means that you can play with many friends.

Everyone has their own village and has to hatch eggs, take care of puppies and build new buildings.

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App Price:  Free!

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