iCompass is a great app available in the App Store, thanks to which you can use many tools very useful in emergency situations.

iCompass includes many tools:

– Metal Detector: it includes the detection of metal in the vicinity, electromagnetic fields and their danger to your health.
– Compass: the app gives you a really good compass, in fact iCompass shows you the North (Geographic / Magnetic) and all the other cardinal points without GPS or Internet connections.
– Speedometer: in many cases it may be useful to know the speed at which you are moving, this app helps you to know it indicating the real-time speed (mph or km / h).
– GPS: iCompass gives you your position according to the geographical coordinates in real time, the app also shows you the quality of the GPS signal using 5 levels.
– Altitude: also the altitude is detected

Unfortunately, this app does not work with iPod touch and iPhone 3GS, but for its quality It should however reviewed.

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App Price: Free! (Lite Version) – $0.99 (Full Version)

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