Here’s another useful App that will help you in many situations.
iHandy Level Free, made by iHandySoft, has been present for a long time in the AppStore and it is one of the most downloaded Free Apps.
Do you have a picture to hang on? You have to mount a shelf and want to know if it is perfectly horizontal?
Now you can use your iPhone to do it, just by using iHandy Level Free, a software able to perfectly simulate a level to know immediately if the object is positioned correctly or not.
iHandy Level Free will use the accelerometer to know if the iPhone is positioned in a completely horizontal or vertical position.
You can simply place your iDevice on the surface you want to monitor and then the level will be to inform you of its status.
All with great graphics that perfectly simulates a real level, and ease of use that make iHandy Level Free one of the Apps that should always be installed on your iPhone.

Here is a simple guide :
– Place the iPhone at 90 ° to the surface to be analyzed
– Place it then horizontally on the surface
– Press the small button (it is represented by a crosshair)

These steps are valid to calibrate the device if you want to use it in portrait mode.
To set it up vertically you have to reverse the positions of the iPhone.

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App Price: Free!

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