With iHear Dialer you can dial phone numbers on the touch screen of your iPhone without the help of sight, thanks to this simple but ingenious App, designed to help blind people or just to keep you from being distracted at certain moments such as when you are driving!

Type a phone number without looking at the keys does not seem a particularly complex, but not when we entered the era of touch screens.

The idea is really simple: a numeric keypad speaker.
A voice says the name of the number on which there is your finger.
When you’re on the right one, lift your finger and the number will be automatically inserted.
The same concept applies to the Call key and the Delete key.
To make your life easier, iHear Dialer also remembers the last six numbers called.
Touching them with your finger, iHear Dialer reads them aloud.
When you are on what you want to call, lift your finger and the call will start.
If you want, you can obviously delete the list of the last six calls by pressing Clear all.

The voices available are two, Alex and Jules, and are very pleasant.
The blind can certainly also use the accessibility options introduced by Apple in the iPhone of last generation, that work well, but for those who are not satisfied or are looking for something a little less “invasive” iHear Dialer is an alternative to consider.


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App Price: $1.99

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