iLostMyi is one of the best existing applications for iPhone, thanks to it you can track your lost or stolen device!
A lot of the iPhone app dedicated to find lost iPhones have limitations, such as can not work if the GPS device is set to OFF.
In the main screen iLostMyi called “Settings” you set the following options:
– Text of the SMS message that is sent to a pre-selected number when someone replaces the Sim Card in ‘lost iPhone (ex. “Tom’s phone stolen!”)
– Phone number that receives the SMS pre-set
– Numbers Sim Cards allowed and exchangeable
– Protected options: hide iLostMyi, Prevent Shutdown, change password and choose of the name for this the application to camouflage it.
The second section of the program is devoted entirely to guide its use with detailed guidance.

With iLostMyi just send commands via SMS to the lost phone and it obeys commands (turn ON GPS coordinates sending or sending the map with location of the device, closing applications, SMS, shutdown, etc …).
In conclusion, iLostMyi is an application that can not miss in your device, for more information about other great features of this app read the entire guide.

App Price: $2,99    

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