With iMovie you have the possibility to mount in just a few minutes of video or HD movies with just a few taps.
The app offers several posters of projects to simplify the work and try to be nice to everyone users.
You can also create movie trailers funny and spectacular, using the cuts of image, music, effects customized logos.
To add video, music, images and other multimedia content by touching the screen, while with the scroll you change the length of the movie.
The timeline can be customized to your liking using simple pinch and zoom function, but the result is really good if you are using an iPad.
As I said previously, iMovie is an excellent application to create good trailers, having available directly in the software the most famous soundtracks of blockbuster films.
Even the logo of your virtual studio, the names of the actors and directors are customizable, in short, not really miss anything to become the new Quentin Tarantino.
The videos can be loaded and used for your movies, you can import them from the library of the device or performing simultaneously.
Directly from iMovie you can publish movies on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and CNN iReport, or send them via SMS.
Application really nice!
I suggest you to export HD video and display it on a TV to make good the final result.

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App Price: $4.99 

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