In addition to being an extremely enjoyable game, Infinity Blade has enjoyed tremendous success on the Appstore, in fact, the game made by the software house “Epic” takes full advantage of the touch screen of iDevices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Infinity Blade II is not a repetitive game as others of the same kind, but involves the player on a path of continuous growth, thanks to a series of boundary elements that stimulate continuously the player.

Each battle won in fact determines the collection of a certain number of experience points, they give the opportunity to improve energy, strength, and magic shield, at the same time the accumulation of money allowing you to buy better equipment, and all these components together, ensure longevity of the production made by Epic Games.

Compared to the first version, Infinity Blade II for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch, among the components of your equipment there are also magic stones to be collected and embed in order to add magical powers or abilities for attack or defense.

One other solution that encourages an additional level of customization of your character.

The combat system has been improved, if in fact the basic formula called “Punch-Out” allows you to dodge or block enemy attacks and then fight at the appropriate time by making a swipe on the screen, Infinity Blade II by Chair Entertainment has chosen to expand the range of choices offered to the player by dividing the weapons into three classes: light, heavy and double rooms.

On systems that are based on the A5 chip, Infinity Blade II can brag a lot, offering excellent textures and a variety of graphic effects and light / shadows.

In summary, Infinity Blade II is one of the best games released for iDevices, and if you download it you will not regret.

Oh, I forgot … It’s free!

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