Has finally been released on Appstore Infinity Blade III, the third episode in this fantastic saga dedicated to the world of mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Infinity Blade II was a refinement of the original title, but Infinity Blade III picks up the base of Infinity Blade and attains the perfection in every aspect.

There are a lot of content, greater customization, enemies totally renovated with huge fire-breathing dragons and other impressive creatures.

The core of the game remains, however, the same as in the past but with spectacular scenery.

Will face a series of battles against huge enemies swipe-based.

Of course, all precedes the great battle against the final boss.

There’s the in-game store, through which empower your hero, and there are also treasure chests to be plundered.

The hideout is a key element in Infinity Blade III, because there you can find the merchant, acquiring potions, combine gems and forge new weapons.

Siris and Isa are allied with the King Raidriar God in a desperate attempt to destroy the Craftsman and his army of immortals titans.
When you start the adventure, you’ll be able to play as one of two available characters.

Some levels give you the option to choose your characterinstead other missions that follow the development of the plot are usually only playable with a default character.

Like the previous games, the controls that Infinity Blade III offers are virtually flawless.

You seem to have a very direct connection with the sword and other weapons, your inputs are reproduced on screen in a precise and fast, without any lag.

Infinity Blade III is the perfect end for a perfect trilogy and you should definitely download this game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from the AppStore.

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App Price: $6.99

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