InstaMail Photos and Videos is an excellent application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that allows you to share with your friends in a few taps more photos at the same time, so as to save time without having to separate content into multiple messages or email.

With the introduction of iOS 7 were removed many restrictions which in the past have created many difficulties to users.

Some of these limitations, however, are still present, for this reason that InstaMail Photos and Videos can be very useful.

InstaMail Photos and Videos allows you to easily save a lot of time, allowing you to attach an unlimited number of photos via message, email or social networks.

When you open the app you can follow a mini guide structured in 4 points that will give you some quick tips.

The main screen of the application is very simple and it is characterized by the presence of a large circular button in the center and two other buttons at the top of the display.

The top button on the left will allow you to change the dominant color of the application, in order to customize it to your tastes.

The button on the right allows you to choose some settings, such as image quality, size, and much more.

The most important button is positioned centrally: press it you can access the camera roll of the device and you can quickly select all the photos you want to share with your friends.

Once selected you will be asked how share them and you can choose different solutions: Message, Email, Facebook and Copy.

After choosing the sharing method confirm the sending and Instamail Photos will do the rest for you.

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