The new iOS 7 is not compatible with all iOS devices, for example it does not work on iPhone 3GS and other old iDevices.

However, just a few days after the presentation of the new mobile operating system Apple iOS 7 and the release of its first beta version, there’s a new theme that can recreate the visual effect of the new firmware even on current devices with older iOS versions.

It is iOS 7 Theme and it allows you to have something similar to iOS 7 as regards the graphics on your jailbroken iPhone, do not think, however, that you can use the new features introduced as the new center notifications, and more, because it is just a theme Tweak.

iOS 7 Theme was created in a few days it is possible that soon will be released updates for improvement.

What else can I say? It is a theme so it is better to see it than to describe it.

Look at this video and the Slideshow!

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Download it on Cydia!

App Price:  Free!


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