iPhoto is definitely the most used App on the Mac, it is able to perform quick photo editing or organize your images into albums, events or places.

On iOS iPhoto has always been an unexploited App by users because the features offered by this software in fact were too similar to those that can be obtained thanks to the editing functions offered by “Pictures”, the native iOS App.

But now, with the new version of iPhoto, Apple also includes iPhoto in the list of “essential Apps” for anyone who owns an iPhone, an iPod touch or an iPad.

Now there are five main tabs at the bottom of the App: the first of them provides quick access to research or to add new elements (it is in fact a dynamic button that changes depending on the tab selected), the second button allows you to view photos on your device, the third one shows the albums saved on your iPhone and allows you to use the streaming visualization of personal or shared content.

The fourth section, called “Projects“, instead allows you to create a web diary, a presentation or a photo book (these features were not present earlier) while the fifth and final tab shows the settings (wireless transmission, GPS usage, management AirPlay, etc.).

In addition to self-image enhancement, iPhoto offers many functions to crop and straighten the image, change the exposure, brightness and contrast: a new option to change the color, with separate management of the saturation of blue and green, color temperature and white balance.

You can also use brushes to repair some elements of an image, remove red eye, lighten or darken the image, saturate the image, increase the sharpness, and finally there is also a section called “Effects” with some filters ready for use (such as “Ink”, “Hot and Cold”, “duotone”, etc.).

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