Iron Man 3 is a complex and well-structured runner game for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch where you are the super hero just like in the third chapter of the movie series.

The format of Iron Man 3 is essentially that of the classical endless running game, but it is much better and engaging than other similar games like Temple Run, Temple Run 2, Jetpack Joyride or Monster Dash, just because the story is structured around the plot of Iron Man 3 – The Movie.

Iron Man 3 is full of different missions in which you have to dodge obstacles and overcome the enemies that comes your way.
There are objects and power-ups to collect that can enhance your performance and allow you to buy new weapons or increase your defenses.
In addition to the main objective of the game there are also many other small quests that give you rewards like “ISO-8”,the currency in Iron Man 3 for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

As often happens in these types of games, also Iron Man 3 is a freemium title where you have to pay to progress faster.

There is no multiplayer mode so the challenge with other users consist only in the comparison of the scores in the iOS GameCenter.

The first matches in Iron Man 3 might seem a little difficult to control, given the many quests and variety of enemies to face.
To move Iron Man just slide your finger on the screen to the right or the left.
The direction change, however, is not particularly accurate.
However, you can adjust the sensitivity of the controls or switch to tilt-based mode, probably the best solution.

Once developed controls, Iron Man 3 will become much more fun to play!
The 3D graphics are really great and engaging, the sound effects are excellent and the voices are very cool!
All this makes Iron Man 3 very sophisticated and a must download.

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