Back on iPhone and iPad adventures all made of bullets and sniper rifle with iSniper 3D Artic Warfare.
In the next chapter we are immersed in ice and snow where hiding to stop the enemies at a distance with a telescopic sight and trick shots.
It offers a complete story with twists, improvements of the character, so many different weapons and enemies.

– Main Screen:
On the main screen there is a central panel which contains the first two buttons which are the two game modes (story mode, endless mode), then there are results and player rankings.
In the bottom left there is a button to enter the options while on the right to enter one in the shop section.

– Settings:
In the settings we can change controls and the sound, see the information about the game, the story and have access to extra (leave a comment, ask for help section to support or join the forum dedicated to the game).

– Shop:
In the store of weapons “weapon shop” we can buy new weapons or upgrade the ones we have, to do this you need coins you earn by completing missions.

– Story:
In story mode, you will be offered an introduction in which we will explain the main game controls and shows the history of our character.

– Controls:
The controls in iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare can be chosen by the player and will be based on the command touch or accelerometer
To choose the enemy to shoot just select it by a tap on it, so we will enter the sniper mode, from which we can get just by a second tap.In sniper mode will have some key functions (depending on weapons), the most important is undoubtedly the zoom, once taken aim simply press the button with the projectile (it is recommended to aim for the head to collect more points and kill instantly enemy).

In conclusion, iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare is definitely a fun and simple game, from graphics and good gameplay great, in a word: engaging.

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App Price: $0.99

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