iSutras is the app for iOS devices that will let you know the ancient techniques of love written in one of India’s most famous books, the Kamasutra.
With this app, never vulgar, you can improve your relationship with your partner and to live new experiences.

The main functions of the app are the following:
– Position of Love: allows you to set the names of both partners and should, every day, a different sex position for the couple
– SpinSutra: a fun game that allows you to associate actions and body parts.
Of course you can customize everything as you like.
– Sweet Call: allows you to create an icon to be added to the screen of your iPhone to quickly contact their partner
– Massage: set the vibration on the iPhone …
– Fertility: keep an eye on the most fertile periods of the partner
– Password: shy? Set a password and no one can access the application without your consentù


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App Price: Free!


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