iTalk Recorder  adds additional functionality to the voice recorder “series” of iOS.

Synchronization with Dropbox also allows us to upload the file to your web space dedicated and access them from any PC,
indubbuamente a very convenient.

In addition to the classic controls Start / Stop, the program keeps track of the files in AIFF format, allows you to set three levels of audio quality:
– Goog – 11kHz
– Better – 22KHz
– Best – 44KHz

Other functions:
– Auto-noise cancellation
– The software runs in the background without problems

iTalk Sync can transfer recordings to your Mac or your PC using WiFi connectivity.
Another important feature is the ability to sync with Dropbox to easily download the recordings on your PC.

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App Price: Free! (Lite Version) – $1.99 (Full Version)

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