iTunes U is an application that allows teachers to “do more” for their students.

iTunes U resembles some features to iBooks, the interfaces are in fact very similar, but with this new App the professors will be able to send messages or tasks through the Posts section.

The software also has a link with iBooks‘ notes and you can view full courses with photos, images, books and Apps to download.

Thanks to a simplified and fully customizable graphics, teachers can enter their information such as office hours and receiving, the various informational messages for students, homework and much more.

Apple also offers a support to record lessons or even allow students to follow in streaming or download them later.

iTunes U is therefore useful to study from home or not to miss a lesson even when it is not physically possible to be at school or college at that time.

iTunes U for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch also allows all students to leave comments to the lessons and there are more than 100 courses made available by prestigious universities.

Everything you read is totally free!

iTunes U can be downloaded for free on the App Store, is compatible with iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad and requires iOS 5 minimum for proper operation.

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App Price:  Free!

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