Who does not know Jenga? I’m talking about the famous board game in which you must build a tower of blocks and then remove them one by one, trying not to break down your building.
Has been developed an App for iPhone iPod and iPad that allows you to build towers and remove bricks directly on the screen of your iPhone, its name is Jenga for iPhone is perfect.
Great physics engine and extraordinary touch controls with which you can remove bricks, always being careful to the stability of your structure.
Even more remarkable is the integration of this title with Game Center, which allows you to challenge your friends or complete strangers using a b or 3G.

– Realistic Physics
Real-time 3D physics simulation, which simulates the behavior of the real wooden Jenga tower.
Every brick affects the other realistically, recreating the same strategic intensity of the original game.

– Touch Control
Those who have played Jenga knows how delicate your touch needs to be.
The iPhone and other iDevices, with their super-accurate touch displays, give you the control you’ll need to reach higher and higher scores.
The bricks can be extracted using a mix of gentle pressures and drags.
It ‘s easy to start, but you will realize immediately how difficult it is when you are under pressure and the tower wobbles!

Social Gameplay
Of course, the most fun features of Jenga is to embarrass your friends when you are about to make their move.
The mode with 4 players “Pass’n’Play” accurately reproduces the tension of the real game, but this time you can play it anywhere!
In addition, Jenga for iPhone lets you compare your current tower height with that of your friends around the world!

– Arcade Mode
Jenga for iPhone introduces an entirely new mode called “Jenga Arcade”.
Associating the colors for extra points and multiplies your score moving faster, but be careful not to shoot down the tower!
Playing well, you get coins that you can spend buying the special boosts as the collapse reversed, various multipliers, and the Joker.

In conclusion, Jenga is definitely one of the best Apps of the world of Appstore for the “Entertainment” category because you can spend hours and hours playing this game without never tiring and fun is guaranteed!
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