Keyboard Control Pro is a revolutionary new tweak available on Cydia and is compatible with iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

It has been developed by iAmharic and improves the native iOS keyboard and its functioning in daily life.

Let’s see how.

Compatible with iOS 5 and iOS 6, Keyboard Control Pro includes the following additional features that will be introduced into the system keyboard of your iPhone or another iDevice:

– Auto Twins: Keyboard Control Pro automatically inserts the closing quotation marks when you enter one of these symbols in the opening.

– Auto Space: automatically inserts spaces when needed.

– Jumping Alphabet: allows you to configure some symbols so that, when pressed, automatically bring back to the alphabetic keyboard.

– Number Jumping: the opposite of the function offered by Alphabet Jumping.

– Quick Input: Pressing the space bar twice will be inserted customized symbols.

Twitter: Long pressing the at sign (@) the tweak automatically inserts your Twitter nickname.

– Email: features to facilitate the recognition of e-mail addresses

Here’s a video demonstration of Keyboard Control Pro made ​​by its developer.


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App Price:  Free!

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