Labyrinth 2 is an attractive Free Puzzle Game for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch that uses the accelerometer.
It is Free, nice, and extremely realistic.
Labyrinth is beautiful for its simplicity and its colorful and detailed graphics.
Just a labyrinth, a ball and a lot of holes.
In Labyrinth 2  your mission is to guide the ball to the end of the path without letting it fall into the cavities.
Labyrinth 2  takes advantage of the sensitive accelerometer of your iDevice to move the ball, giving you a striking realism and a gameplay really inimitable.
Don’t think that it is simple, in fact maintaining the right balance is not as easy as you think, because in various tables you’ll find all kinds of obstacles: walls, cannons, lasers, fans, magnets and so on.
Labyrinth 2 allows you to play the Single Player or Multiplayer  modes, up to four players via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
You can also play numerous levels, divided according to three levels of difficulty.
You can also create your own custom levels and share them instantly with friends and other players around the world.
To improve your performance more and more, you can compete with yourself with a ghost ball showing you your best game.

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App Price: Free! (Lite Version) – $4.99 (Full Version)

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