Learning to play the guitar is a desire of many people, who often can not afford to pay for private lessons or spend too much time with them.
For this Mahalo.com Incorporated has created “Learn Guitar“, thanks to which the following video lessons inside, even the most novice user, will be able to play the guitar well.
The lessons are videos in which Jen Trani, YouTube‘s most popular guitar teacher with over 20 million views, shows you step by step how to play this wonderful instrument.
For any interruption just pause the lesson, and to resolve doubts just hit “Rewind”, so your needs will be met in the best way.
At $ 1.99 for this app, each lesson is just a few pennies: a real deal!
Videos in perfect HD and made in a professional studio in Santa Monica.

Learn Guitar offers as many as 27 video lessons!

The minimum objectives to be achieved after the course are as follows:
– Identify the parts of your guitar and name the strings and frets
– Pick, strum and tune your guitar
– Read chord diagrams and guitar tabs
– Play your first few chords and put them together in a song

Now let’s get ready to rock!

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App Price: $1.99

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