LEDit is a nice application available in the AppStore that allows you to emulate horizontal display with colored LEDs, which slide showing the message you wrote.

Who has not felt the desire or need to share a message from a distance during a meeting, in class during a lesson or in a place where it is impossible to speak directly?
Of course, there is always the option of taking a pen and paper and proceed with the classic message, but when the pen is not there?

The operation is simple, all you have to do is start the application, write a message and tap the ‘Show Message‘.
At this point LEDit will scroll the text you wrote on the display in Fullscreen Mode.

The options available to customize the final effect are many, in fact you can change:

– The text style “Italic” or “Bold
– The shape of the letters “round” or “square
– The resolution HD or LD
– The speed of scrolling of the words

Regarding the color of the LED, you have a practically infinite choice because there are not chrome already set, but you can move the pointer as if you are using an equalizer, the same function is to manage the brightness.

Very useful is a function that, when enabled, will allow your iDevice to vibrate at the end of the sliding message (on iPod touch replaces the a sound vibration).

LEDit is also equipped with a “History” section where you can easily find all the messages used previously.

This simple but fantastic App for iPhone iPod and iPad is definitely not to be underestimated, because it is really very funny, then enters the list of recommended Apps.

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App Price: $ 0.99

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