If you want to insert animated or sliding wallpapers as for Android devices on the home of your device you can now have at your disposal a new tweak called LiveWallpaper that works very well on your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod.
We currently do not have many types of animated wallpapers available but certainly the growth potential of this software is very high.
Unlike other similar Tweaks, LiveWallpaper allows to use the best functions to obtain a final result very similar to what is seen on other platforms from which it takes its cue, such as Android.
The Tweak works quite good, it does not cause any slowdown and the display of animation is really fluid, the only flaw is the lack of wallpapers aviable on the Web.
LiveWallpaper is very easy to use: after you install the tweak is added an icon on the SpringBoard.
With a limited number of pages of Apps in your home Tweak the effect of this will be even better.
Inside the Tweak settings you can choose an animated wallpaper that can be downloaded directly from Cydia, or a sliding backgrounds.
You can set the background by preset LiveWallpaper or use an image directly from the camera roll of your iPhone.

For this second solution must be loaded an image that will have to be larger than the width of the screen, so that it an image moves and is suitable when you scroll the pages of iOS.

To view a demonstration of what LiveWallpaper allows to obtain, open the video below.


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