One of the most interesting innovations of iOS 7 is definitely the Control Center, long demanded by the users, then was
finally introduced on the iPhone.

Now, however, not all devices will be able to use this function (for example, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch, unable to be
upgraded to iOS 7).

In this article you can find how to work around the problem and how to install the iOS 7 Control Center on any device with iOS 6.

To do this you need a jailbroken iPhone (learn whether and how you can jailbreak your iPhone just by clicking on the word “Jailbreak”), then you must have Cydia (which is automatically installed during the jailbreak) useful to download the package called “LockBar Pro“, that allows you to use the iOS 7 Control Center on iOS 6.

This package is not free (it costs only 1.99 dollars) and can be purchased from many repositories.

Once you bought the package, the installation will be almost automatic and at the end of the procedure the iPhone will

Now, to use this new feature, you simply slide your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen of the iPhone and then
you will have the new buttons and the Slider introduced by LockBar Pro.

Here’s a video for you:

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar Apps!

Download it on Cydia!

App Price:  Free!

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