If you love the NFL and you have an iPhone or an iPod, then you can not download Madden NFL from the App Store, the best simulator that is released for various consoles games every year since 1988.
There are more than 2500 real players from all 32 NFL teams.
You can play exhibition games, a full season (16 games), or relive the playoffs of the 2010/2011 playoffs.
EA Madden 12 has a “sharper graphics and cleaner” than previous versions of iOS.
Among the new features in Madden 12 is the ability to create custom schemes for racing, steps, or defense.
Unlike its Android counterpart iOS Madden 12 also includes charts to compare with the other devotees Madden (online leaderboards use the network of EA, not the Apple Game Center).
The sound is given full marks, both for the music and for the effects, in particular the cries of the public are very realistic, congratulations to the engineers who were able to do a job more than fine.
As with previous editions of the game, you can control the player with a virtual joystick on one side of the device, and use a range of different handsets.

Check out some of our other big additions, including:

• Multiplayer – Challenge a friend via local Bluetooth
• Improved Gameplay – Better Running Game and Other Optimizations

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App Price: $4.99

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