Inside the official Facebook application for iPhone have been recently introduced the so-called “Chat Heads“, taken from Facebook Home for Android.
What are these Chat Heads ? These are simple circles with the faces of your friends that give access to chat with them.
Unlike what happens with Facebook on Android devices, the Chat Heads of Facebook for iPhone can not be used outside the Facebook application: closing the App, the “heads” are immediately removed from the display.
The developer Adam Bell has created a Tweak that allows you to release the Chat Heads in Facebook to use them outside the official App, on the Home screen or in other applications.
This Tweak, called MessageBox, is finally available and now you can download it from Cydia Database.
This App, created by Adam Bell, very famous developer of Cydia Tweaks, uses an interesting mechanism: in essence, the program loads and constantly keeps open the Official Facebook App, but when you close it, this is totally transparent, with the exception of its Chat Heads, that instead remain fully visible and usable at any time.
Closing at any time the Chat Heads, that can be closed with a slide just as happens in the Official Facebook App, it become invisible in the background.
MessageBox uses a bit of RAM, but of course this discourse must be remembered especially by the owners of an iPhone 3GS or an iPhone 4, however those who have an iPhone 4S or an iPhone 5 can stay calm because the RAM is very high.

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