Minecraft – Pocket Edition is an App for iPhone and other iDevices, it is very basic but really creative and surprisingly addictive.
Minecraft is a sandbox game set in a scenario that seems almost infinite, randomly generated and full of hills, lakes, valleys, caves and forests.
An unknown world characterized by a curious form, which you will not anything better to do than to explore the surface.
Using natural elements and blocks of matter you will learn to build structures of all types.
In Minecraft – Pocket Edition, you can choose whether to play in 2 modes:
– Creative: here you can freely build
– Survival: in this mode, your life will be endangered by dark monsters

Despite the vastness of the world, Minecraft – Pocket Edition runs incredibly well on the iPhone and also the controls work perfectly.
To look around sliding your finger on the screen and use the arrows on the touch screen to move and jump.
Press once to place a block and keep your finger on the screen of your iPhone iPod or iPad to remove it.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition is a game that is based on its simplicity, but it also has a multiplayer mode.
If you think that a good graphics is an essential element for the evaluation of a videogame, then Minecraft is not for you.
But if you can put aside the appearance and if you love building, Minecraft will definitely be an attractive and addictive game for you!

In the latest versions have been many improvements:

– Choice of Survival and Creative mode when you create a map
– New blocks (doors, fences, gates)
– Added the ability to fly in Creative Mode (double jump)
– Added the Mobs (sheep and zombies)
– Available Daytime and Night-mode in Survival
– Ability to collect natural resources
– Tools used for different purposes (for digging, fighting, etc.)

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App Price: $6.99

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