Gameloft offers a new episode of Modern Combat, a series of first-person shooter game, clearly inspired by Call of Duty, that since a few days reached the fourth chapter with Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.
Explosions, air attacks, escapes on vehicles, drones to use, shooting from helicopters and other super spectacular scenes are in fact a trademark of this series, a bit like Call of Duty and Battlefield on PC and HD consoles.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is really a fantastic game, it is provided with eight different game modes:
– Battle: all against all
– Team Deatmatch: the traditional team deathmatch
– Capture Flag: an exciting game mode that does not need any introduction
– Hunt the Man: a sort of “capture the flag” in which everyone plays individually
– Area Control: the inevitable mode of conquest and defense of territories
– Leader: each team has a leader and you have to kill the enemy
– Survival: a team deathmatch in hardcore style without helps
– War: a variant of “Area Control” but with extras


Eight are also maps available on the Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, characterized by a good variety and sizes but the management of perks and upgrades takes place by spending experience points that you can earn in both single-player and multiplayer.
The campaign also offers improved longevity (7 to 9 hours depending on the difficulty level chosen), in addition there is also the powerful incentive to do your best to earn as much money as possible.
The use of the graphics engine called “Havok” has provided a number of interesting features, such as the scenarios that are damaged by the bullets of guns, the enemies who fall in various ways after being shot to death and more.
To be perfect, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour only needs of a multiplayer mode, but it is!
Excellent Single Player and Multiplayer Game for iPhone, iPad and iPod, really recommended by

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