Monopoly is the transposition of one of the most classic board games: players compete to earn money through an economic activity that is based on the purchase, rental and sale of estates.

First of all let’s take a look at the rules:

Players take turns moving on the game board according to the result of the roll of two dice and after selecting his name and his pawn.
It is played on a board on which each, according to the roll of the dice (shaking the iPhone), moves with his marker on the different boxes, which have a street name or a place.
The first player who lands on a road can choose whether to buy or not, and when he is able to have all the streets with the same color can decide whether to build houses and finally a hotel.
When the other players stop on that road, with houses or with the hotel or even without any building, they are forced to pay the stay of the number and type of buildings on campus.
The aim of the game is to bankrupt your opponents causing them serious outlays of money and, therefore, become the richest of all.
There are also cards called “Unexpected” or “Probability” that are caught when, after the die, the marker is parked on the boxes.

Regarding the AI, you have the possibility of choosing the level of difficulty.

The graphics are well taken care of, considering that it is a “simple” board game: the board is the original, such as checkers, cards and other game objects.
You can play in Single Player mode or Multiplayer via WiFi (up to 4 players) and Bluetooth (2 players maximum).

EA has created a really nice game, identical to the original, but much faster and more fun, thanks to graphics and animations that make this even better Monopoly.
A game really recommended, especially if you have the opportunity to play with friends.

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