Waiting for the new movie by Disney Pixar, Monsters University, coming soon, the many fans of the good monsters who scare children to generate electricity can finally play with them on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The player can choose to control the two inseparable friends in addition to the Sulley and Mike classmate Squishy in two fun endless racing game.

The game modes available are “Catch Archie” and “Toxicity Challenge“.

In Monsters University, the events take place before the story told in Monster & Co: Mike and Sullivan are two young students, college freshman, competing with each other to become the most talented and famous scarers ever.

In “Catch Archie” you can control Mike and help him to chase and capture the rival school’s mascot, Fear Tech, in an endless runner composed of 30 levels.

Another 30 levels are available in the mini game called “Toxicity Challenge” that consists of a race against time in sewers, dodging various objects and obstacles that slow down your ride.

Advancing in the game you can collect special power-ups and even find and collect Scare Cards, ie trading cards of the most famous monsters scarers.

By installing the free updates, Disney will include new levels and new mini-games.

Monster University also offers a free version with advertising that allows you to play the first 10 levels of Catch Archie.

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App Price:  0.99

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