Are you tired of the standard iOS Music Player? Muze is a music player with 1000 resources, beautiful and full of useful features, it is one of the best player for your iDevices that can be found on the AppStore.

At first launch of Muze, it loads your music library on the iDevice and then it sorts them within the app.

On the main screen there are 3 buttons on the top of the screen that allow you to make the best use Muze:

– Playlist: You can create playlists fully editable, with manual selection of the songs, or you can import a playlist from the library.
– Song : List of songs on your device, sortable by title, album or artist (you can also use the “search” function).
– Download: Nice feature that allows you to sync songs with your Dropbox account and upload or download music for free on your PC or Mac.
Once you select a song, Muze shows a full screen image associated with the album, with the details of the song, the date and time (very convenient if you are using the iDevice on a docking station).

Like any self-respecting player, of course, there are also commands to skip a track, return to the previous insert random play, repeat, and sharing via Facebook.

But that’s not all, on Muze there are also gestures, useful for those who are listening to music in the car and can not get distracted,  just a tap on the album to stop the song (and restart) or a swipe to play the next song.

From the playback screen, you can also see the list of songs quequed (and possibly choose one of them) using the “Queue” in the upper left corner.

Muze is therefore an excellent music player for iPhone, iPad and iPod, which has an excellent quality / price ratio.


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