My Talking Tom is a life simulator with the star of Talking Tom Cat and Talking Tom Cat 2.

In this game you will need to satisfy the needs of the famous Tom: feed it, cuddle it, it will have to go to the bathroom, sleep and play.
My Talking Tom maintains the same basic functions of the application Talking Tom Cat, it even offers additional functions that allow you to become a real pet sitter.

Of course, you can still perform all actions, typical of Talking Tom Cat and other games by Outfit 7, such as Tom can repeat what you say and you can interact with it by tapping the screen.

Talking Tom now looks more and more to the famous virtual pet Pou.

You can do so much more with your puppy:

– customize its appearance,
– choose the most suitable foods,
– decorate the house and much more.

To get new items, you will need tokens, which you can earn or buy.

The game is based on levels, you’ll have to overcome they by spending time with Tom and satisfying all its needs.

Each new level you can unlock objects and items from the store.

Among the innovations introduced in My Talking Tom there are mini-games like Whack-a-mole, which allow you to earn tokens and will help you meet your needs.

As already mentioned, just like in Pou (Tamagotchi for iPhone) your puppy has needs that you will have to satisfy.

They are represented by circles, in the bottom of the screen, which decrease slowly and they must be refilled by performing a particular action.

The concept is very simple and you just need to play a game to understand it.

The four requirements are:

Fun: your animal needs hugs and mini-games,
Food: Tom feed,
Bathroom: run to the bathroom!,
Sleep: you have to help it sleep and turn off the light.

To perform one of these actions just tap the icon of the corresponding meter.

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