MyDaylife is an App for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch that allows you to keep an archive of the events in their lives.

The App consists of 5 main screens: Home, Starred, Vote, History and Graph.

– Home: This section is a customizable image, a calendar (by tapping on it, you will be redirected to the voting section) and a short aphorism.

At the bottom there is a such that can be removed by purchasing MyDaylife full version.

On the top left there is a button that, when pressed, will bring you back to the Settings.

There is a link to Dropbox for backups and data recovery, setting up notifications and passcodes, extra content and About section.

– Starred: you can add here the best days lived.

– Vote: How was your day?

You can give a rating, write a short note, a note add audio, video, photo, add a thumbnail image, emoticons and weather.

When the entry is complete, you can save the day.

– History: in the history section you can view all your days saved.

There are viewing list, calendar and a search bar.

– Graph: This section gives you an overview of your life, organized as a graph.

So you can see your ups and downs based on the month or year you want.

Reading this review you can understand very well that MyDayLife for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch is much more than a personal diary!


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App Price:  Free!

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