Notability, famous iPad application that allowed you to take notes thanks to many interesting features, has recently been updated and it is now available on the iPhone.

Notability is one of the leading applications as regards the writing of notes on iPad (now also available on the iPhone), because it offers a large number of great features that help you better manage your own notes and clipboard.

This App provides excellent tools dedicated to the writing of texts, a fully integrated system to draw manually, an audio recorder and the ability to organize notes in multiple notebooks divided by course name.

Notability also offers the ability to write, draw and annotate due to the presence of a zoom window, perfect to track any detail in a clear and fast, choosing between the types of pens and paper directly in the application.

You can import modules, contacts, spreadsheets, documents, presentations and books, noting the PDF using the tools offered by the functions of the app, or you can also import documents in doc or ppt thanks to the support to Google Drive.

Notes can take different forms and they can be dedicated to different projects, such as creating a structure, writing, filling a form or making a list, customizing the work by choosing font, style, color and size.

All files saved can then be found quickly thanks to the search function included.

So, finally an App for you that truly deserves your download!

A must have for your iPhone, try it!

Look Down to Download It and Find other similar Apps!

App Price:  $2.99

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