The iphone to your orders without Siri!
With one of the last updates of the Google search, has arrived on iOS a service very similar to Google Now, the search system intelligent alternative to Siri on the iPhone has been called “Google Voice Search”.
If you are a user of Google Voice Search, you may be interested in a new tweak called “NowNow”, which allows you to activate the Google search from any screen of iOS, just as with Siri on the latest models of iPhone.
Once downloaded and installed NowNow, available for free on Cydia, you’ll be able to select a gesture of Activator to invoke the tweak.
From here on, to use the Google voice assistant on the iPhone just repeat the same action in any screen or application of iOS.
The application will start quickly taking almost the same time it takes Siri when we press and hold the Home key.

You must have Google Search app!

Look Down for Download It and Find other similar apps!

App Price: Download it on Cydia        

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