Order & Chaos Duels is a game of cards compatible with iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch similar to Magic the Gathering.
Each player can choose the breed at the beginning of your character (Human, Elf, Orc or Undead) and have specific special abilities to each breed.

Besides the breed there are also professions (Warrior, Monaco, Mage or Ranger) that reflect the typical aspects of fantasy role-playing in general and Order & Magic universe made by Gameloft in particular.

The choice of character is really important because it will reflect on the style of play and the cards that the player gets access.
You start with a starter deck, that will gradually expanding as you go along with the game.

The possibilities are essentially two: single player or online multiplayer.
Each victory will earn you coins and experience points that will be used mainly to buy new cards to enhance your deck.
Level up with experience points is what you need to unlock new cards.

The cards have a mana cost to put them into play and they also have attack and life points and special powers.
The multiplayer mode includes online battles with friends or just with other players, while the campaign mode accompanies the character in a story.

It starts as prisoners who try to escape from a prison and every battle against the guards is resolved with a game of cards.
The opponents are, gradually, more and more powerful: after an hour or two that you are playing you encounter opponents who will make you really work hard.

The game is played in rounds.

Each round begins with the ability to sacrifice a card to add 1 point to the mana pool.
Then you have the possibility to use the special skill that each player has, it depends on the breed and the profession, but it can be exploited every 3 rounds.

After attacking the enemy, once finished their mana, the turn passes to the opponent.
The multiplayer adds social elements and the ability to vary greatly gaming experience.

Order & Chaos: Duels is a fun game that is definitely even better in the version available for iPad or iPad Mini, due to the larger screen, but also a version available for iPhone and iPod Touch is very good visually. Order & Chaos: Duel is available on the App Store and it is free.

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