In Order Up! To Go you are a chef and you have to work in many restaurants.

This is an App for iPhone, iPad and iPod and it’s really famous in this period, everywhere.
During cooking it is necessary to pay attention to every action such as working with soup, ground beef, tomatoes, grated cheese, french fries, fried burgers and many other things.
Among the things to do, you also have to serve customers, invent menu and earn money to open new restaurants or learn how to cook delicious meals.

In the game you will be busy cooking in the most popular restaurants, each with its own menu to unlock and learn.
Order Up! To Go offers you the opportunity to use gesture controls, perfectly studied to cook your recipes with your fingers on the screen of  the iPhone.
Jump burgers in the air, cut vegetables and stir fry the chips with a single touch.
In addition to cooking you’ll also want to tidy the kitchen and ward off external dangers, earning money you can improve your restaurants with new equipment of the highest quality.

To activate the patty on the second side, you put a finger on the screen to representing a semicircle.
The work of the restaurant is really tough, there are in fact several problems: rats, fires and very unpleasant inspectors !
You also have the option to purchase new equipment for the kitchen, so you get higher and higher scores.
When you need it, you can pause the game and pick up where you ended.
Every time you complete a meal, you will be awarded marks and the scores.

In addition, serving the customers with what you have prepared, Order Up! To Go will show you with their funny video clips reaction.
Order Up! To Go is therefore an excellent funny game for adults and children, worthy of its success and recommended by, do not miss it!

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App Price: Free!

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