PAC-MAN, the timeless classic of the world of videogames is now available in a special mobile version for iPhone and iPod touch, with whom you can exploit the full potential of the accelerometer.

It is absolutely free, but this Lite version only provides the first level of the game!

PAC-MAN by Namco is the minimalist character that had only two purposes in life: to eat pills, fruit and anything could make him earn points and get away from disturbing colored ghosts.

Now PAC-MAN is also available for iPhone and iPod Touch with a version faithful to the original game two dimensions, with the typical sound effects, ghosts, the system of points and obstacles that everyone knows.

In addition, PAC-MAN Lite takes full advantage of the accelerometer, so you can choose whether to use controls like a traditional D-pad or tilt the device and drag PAC-MAN with your fingers.

PAC-MAN Lite version is free, but it naturally is also limited, naturally the full version is also available on the AppStore.

The game is available in almost all languagesand it also offers several options, a ranking and a help manual.
PAC-MAN is really a lot of fun, as always and for all.

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